Overview: The Novo Nordisk Foundation Hallas Møller-Emerging investigator
General Program name The Novo Nordisk Foundation Hallas Møller-Emerging investigator
Funds for PI starting grants
Funding agency The Novo Nordisk Foundation
Scope International
Fields of science Basic or clinical biomedical research
Duration 5yr
Program web site http://novonordiskfonden.dk/da/content/hallas-moeller-emerging-investigator-bioscience-and-basic-biomedicine
Number of calls per year 1
Eligibility EU-Life institution BRIC
Applicant's Level of Experience (years after PhD) Applicants must have a PhD + approximately 4-8 years subsequent research experience Applicants cannot have more than 3 years of group leader experience at the time of application.
Applicant's Nationality Any
Other Important Requirements
Funding type & amounts Fellowship (net salary, exempt of national taxes) 10 mio DKK
Working contract (gross salary)
Other allowances
Next deadline Jan. 9, 2019, midnight
Past submissions outcomes
Year Available fellowships Success rates
2019 4 per year ?