Overview: Wellcome Trust/ Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellowships
General Program name Wellcome Trust/ Royal Society Sir Henry Dale Fellowships
Funds for PI salary funds
Funding agency Wellcome Trust/Royal Society
Scope International
Fields of science Human and animal health
Duration 5 years plus 3
Program web site https://wellcome.ac.uk/funding/sir-henry-dale-fellowships
Number of calls per year 3
Eligibility EU-Life institution Babraham
Applicant's Level of Experience (years after PhD) You must have a PhD, significant postdoctoral research experience and be ready to lead an independent research programme.
Applicant's Nationality EEA national, or non-EU but PhD carried out in UK or Ireland or spent 3 years carrying out research in UK or Ireland
Other Important Requirements n/a
Funding type & amounts Fellowship (net salary, exempt of national taxes) n/a
Working contract (gross salary) Salary as determined by the host institution with an additional Trust enhancement
Other allowances One staff post; consumables; animals; equipment; access charges; travel. Directly incurred costs only
Next deadline Nov. 20, 2018, 5 p.m.
Past submissions outcomes
Year Available fellowships Success rates
2018 n/a n/a