Overview: FWO Pegasus Marie-Curie Fellowship (CO-FUND)
General Program name FWO Pegasus Marie-Curie Fellowship (CO-FUND)
Funds for Postdoctoral fellowships
Funding agency FWO (Flanders Science Policy Office)
Scope International
Fields of science All fields of Science
Duration ­ Pegasus short : 1 year (non-renewable)­ Pegasus long : 3 years (renewable
Program web site http://www.fwo.be/en/fellowships-funding/postdoctoral-fellowships/pegasus-marie-curie-fellowships/
Number of calls per year
Eligibility EU-Life institution VIB
Applicant's Level of Experience (years after PhD) ­ PhD-degree ≤ 6 years (long) ­ PhD-degree ≤ 10 years (short)
Applicant's Nationality Any
Other Important Requirements ­ in the three years preceeding the start of the fellowship, you have been active abroad for at least two years
Funding type & amounts Fellowship (net salary, exempt of national taxes) minimum €29.069,73 - maximum €45.317,25
Working contract (gross salary)
Other allowances
Next deadline None